Weekly Writing Prompt — May 30, 2012 Edition


SnoValley Writes! is a confirmed non-profit with the state of Washington again until May 2013. We are beginning our fourth year and we have grown and accomplished much. Hopefully more to follow.
But this week, I want you to take a break.
Partly because I have been forced to take a break because of personal reasons, but mostly because my copy of The Artist’s Way is currently lost (misplaced) with all my notes.
If you’re motivated and want to move forward, go back through our posts on the web site (see below) and do all the exercises.
If you’ve done all the exercises, then you deserve a break. Just keep doing the morning pages and artist’s dates.
The DayTrippers, Monday Muse & Tuesday Writer’s Cafe will continue. If you’re not on the reminder emails for that, please let myself, Sheri J. Kennedy or Takako Wright know.
Our next regular work session is June 10th at the North Bend Library Meeting Room. 3 p.m.
See you next week.