Weekly Writing Prompt — Aug. 17, 2011 Edition


Our next working session would have been Aug. 28th. But the Library has their annual book sale going on, so we normally do not meet. However one of our members has secured the Eagles hall (they have a cozy dining area and kitchen at our disposal) on that afternoon (Sunday, Aug. 28) for us to meet, write and Potluck! I need to know By FRIDAY (Aug. 19) if folks are serious in their interest to attend this event. (3 to 5 p.m.). (Note:  I personally will not be attending. I have to be in Seattle for one of the very last classes I have before being awarded my degree.) But others really wanted to do the potluck and we have an opportunity to make it happen. So, check your calendars now. Chat with significant others. And let me know. Yes, go do that now. This will be an open event that you can bring spouses and other family members. This is about writing, but it’s also about getting to know our fellow members. Are you coming? Check yes or no and let Casz know. If we only have marginal intention, I will let the Eagles know they can free up the space. Take advantage of this opportunity. It can only make us and your writing stronger.

If you haven’t checked out the rough draft from our writing demonstration for the Festival At Mount Si, you can find it here:  http://www.snovalleywrites.org/?page_id=288
Thanks again to those who participated. Do note we will be editing soon, so stay tuned for information on that. For now, however, we are focused fully on Word Jazz. September 27th at Boxley’s.
What SnoValley Writes! needs for Word Jazz:
Musicians! Specifically a piano player. Feedback we received last time from our gracious hosts is that they would like to see us use the piano at during our next Word Jazz. Anyone have a talented sibling, child, spouse, friend? Who would like to play the piano as background music for our literary artists? Let me know, asap.
Sign Designer / Poster: We need someone to design the flyer, print it and begin hanging it up around town. Most of the groundwork for this is already laid out, you just need to update it for this year’s theme (Three is the Magic Number) and date and time. Let me know. We need to get this out right away.
Photographer: Need someone to step up to play official photographer the evening of the event.
Master of Ceremonies: This person would be our face to the world. Doesn’t mean you can’t still read your piece, but you would be the glue to hold the program together.
Audience Participation Team: Each time we do this, we like to incorporate an audience-participation event. We need two people to plan, plot and perform this event. This is lots of fun and doesn’t have to be anything silly, just something that focuses people on creativity and writing.
Pieces:  I have ZERO pieces that have been submitted for reading. Please polish your “three” prompts and send them to me for review and consideration. We are going to have three sets of three readers this time around, to allow for more audience participation and promotion of the group, etc. Please submit. Deadline is Sept. 10.
Advertisement: I need each and everyone of you to advertise the writing contest. There is only a few weeks left on that. Info on it can be found here:  http://www.snovalleywrites.org/?page_id=265
Today’s writing prompt:
Polish up your “three” pieces. Don’t have one done yet? Check out the Web site here for a list of prompts.
Our members are starting to get really engaged in their writing and seeking out as much information about the literary and artistic world. Here are a few things they have shared with me recently, that I thought you all might be interested in as well:
Opportunities for all artists:
How to be a faster writer: (I think after this weekend, many of us, myself included, could use some tips from this)
Remember:  Group field trip is Friday, Sept. 2nd to First Friday and to see the premiere of SnoValley Writes! member Kathy Hogan’s highlighted exhibit. http://arteast.org/2011/07/sep-2011-exhibit/ Mark your calendars now and we’ll likely carpool from the North Bend Library (those folks further west or north, let me know if you want to host a carpool, too). I have room for six in my Green Mean ‘Ploder Machine. I’ll be at the North Bend Library at 5:15 p.m. and leaving at 5:30 p.m. for Issaquah. After the Art Walk, we’ll grab a quick beverage and snack at a local place (TBD) and come back to North Bend around 9:30 p.m.
And now your moment of Writing Zen:
“What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.” ~Shakti Gawain

What did you Write today?

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