Weekly Writing Prompt — June 20, 2012 — The Solstice Edition

Happy Summer All! The sun is blessing us with its presence today. Be sure to get yourself some vitamin D. Don’t sequester yourself away in the writing or work cave too much. 

First things first:  Sunday (June 24) is our regular work session. Please RSVP and let me know if you plan to come. Because of some conflicting scheduling that’s happening in my life for the next four weeks, but especially on the 24th (I have to be in four places at once), I have to really juggle. I don’t want to juggle and then have an empty room. My first commitment is to the SnoValley Writes! Workshop. However, I really need to know who will be there. I oftentimes see a drop off in attendance in summer. Understandable. But, as I said, I don’t want to host a workshop for no one. So, please let me know if you plan to attend. 3 p.m. at the North Bend Library Meeting Room. 

This next item might provide some synchronicity for some of you. I know that two of our members have already done a similar event and really had fun with it. Reisha has been kind enough to open up the invite to all of SnoValley Writes! Please do consider participating. I’d love to do this, but I’m stuck at an All-Star Tournament all day on Saturday. But, I encourage anyone interested in this to go ahead and do it. Great way to sharpen those skills and have fun while doing so. Here’s the details:

The Poetry Machine will be at Issaquah Highland Days Saturday from 10-2 and
yup, the machine needs you!  I know I write each time there is an event and
ask for you your help.  That’s because the Poetry Machine attracts such a
crowd and folks love engaging in the art of writing.  It’s grass roots and
that’s why I ask for your help!
I am filling shifts (approximately 20 minutes each/$20 stipend!) from 10 am
– 2 pm.  This event is particulary exciting because it’s a community affair
and there will be something for everyone in your family.  Here’s more info
about the event:
I’d appreciate your support and love to see you!  Let me know if this is
something that will work for you!
Give me a shout back on email or phone if you have questions. 

Now back to our weekly tasks/work. Remember we’re working our way through Chapter Five of The Artist’s Way, “Recovering a Sense of Possibility.” I know speaking with some of you at the writing cafe’s that last week’s prompts really stirred some stuff in you and it’s pushing you outside your comfort zone. That is incredible and makes the work we do on this so rewarding. Keep it up. 

Now it’s time for the weekly check in:

1.  So how many days this week did you do your morning pages? How was the experience for you? I only did three out of seven. It was a rough week for me. But today starts a new week and I’ve already gotten my morning pages done.

2.  Did you do your artist’s date this week? (Does your artist get to do more than rent a movie?) What did you do? How did it feel? Treasure hunting yesterday. Snuck it in before the “week” ended. I found treasures to help me create more art. Yay!

3.  Did you experience any synchronicity this week? What was it? Sometimes synchronicity isn’t that “in your face.” I am seeing more synchronicity in other people’s lives for sure. Not sure I can always see it in my own. As we work through this book, I’m sure I’ll learn it more. 

4.  Were there any other issues this week that you consider significant for your recover? Describe them.


Today’s exercise continues to revolve around forbidden joys.

One of the favored tricks of blocked creatives is saying no to ourselves. It is astonishing the number of small ways we discover to be mean and miserly with ourselves. When I say this to my students, they often protest that this is not ture — that they are very good to themselves. Then I ask them to do this exercise. 

List ten things you love and would love to do but are not allowed to do. Your list might look like something like this:
1. Go dancing
2.  Carry a sketchbook.
3.  Roller-skate. 
4. Buy new cowboy boots.
5. Streak your hair blond.
6. Go on vacation.
7. Take flying lessons.
8. Move to a bigger place.
9. Direct a play.
10. Take life-drawing class.

Very often the mere act of writing out your list of forbidden joys breaks down your barriers to doing them. Post your list somewhere highly visible.


One of the best ways we can evade our Censor is to use the technique of speed writing. Because wishes are just wishes, they are allowed to be frivolous (and frequently should be taken very seriously). 

As quickly as you can number a page 1 to 20. After the numbers 1 to 19 write:

I WISH______________________________________________.

Fill it in as quickly as you can.

After No. 20 put:  I MOST ESPECIALLY WISH____________________________________________.

Again, fill it in as quickly as you can. 

Now reflect.

That’s it. We’ll continue with this lesson on Sunday’s workshop — provided that we have enough attendance. 


And now your moment of Writing Zen:

“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” ~ Colette

What did you Write today?

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