Weekly Writing Prompt — June 5, 2013 Edition


On this day in 1910, O. Henry died in New York City at the age of forty-seven. His death from alcoholism-related illnesses was the farthest thing from a surprise ending, but his last months and hours were in other ways characteristic of the fiction: the down-on-his-luck hero, the small-detail-revealing-all style, the polished-perfect irony.ohenry
If you don’t know who O. Henry is, this is your prompt to go find some of his work and investigate.
Since I’m in my 47th year, this is motivating for me to get my act in gear. I’ve said it repeatedly to many of you that the only one standing in front of you to reach your dreams is you. You know what needs to be done to meet your goals, to achieve your dreams. Go out and do it. 
Currently there is some activities in the works to have those of you who have already published present your work to our community at large. Please stay tuned for details. For those who have published something — doesn’t matter if it’s traditional or indie (self), please ping me back and tell me so, so I have a running total of who has work that could be promoted. You will then be invited directly. 😀
That’s the prompt, if you have a book, poetry chap book, etc. that has been made into a marketable product, you need to let me know, asap. SnoValley Writes! exist to help those authors any way we can. If you don’t currently have something (like me), then your prompt is to spend no less than 2 hours this week working on it. 2 hours! You probably spent that in front of the computer on Facebook or the television this week, or gaming. You can take that two hours and dedicate it towards your goals and resurrect your dreams. Go. Do it. What are you waiting for? Permission? Well, you have it. Go!
And now for today’s moment of Writing Zen:  
“When one loves one’s Art no service seems too hard.” ~O. Henry 

What did you Write today?

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“But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.” ~ Lord Byron