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Weekly Writing Prompt — The last for the year 2011 (Dec. 14, 2011 Edition)

Holiday Greetings to all you literary types!

Here’s hoping you get lots of books, writing tech gadgets, hugs and support from your friends and family, with a promise to yourself that you will make your writing a priority for 2012.

First point of business, the board meeting for tonight has been cancelled. Work and illness make it a necessity to look towards January for the next. I’ll remind you closer to the time.

Vicky Bastedo has stepped up to be the project manager for Word Jazz. She will be interfacing with Boxley’s to find out the date of when we’ll be having it. In the meantime you need to be writing on the theme. For those that missed it:  here’s the theme:

We’re looking for at least three of these words to be in the prose or poem that you submit as members of SnoValley Writes!:  Three, Magic, Number, Valley, Anniversary, Coffee, Friends, Ashes, Determination, or Quest. There are no bonus points if you get all the words. But, feel free to challenge yourself.

That will also be the prompt for our writing contest, for which we still need a project manager. This person should be able to interface with many of the other organizations in the valley, including the schools and businesses. I will help that person, but the organization needs them to take the helm.

We will be putting out another journal, too, with this. The above theme will be inclusive in that as well. So if you want a piece considered for publication — please put it in there. Deadline will likely be in February, so you dont’ have much time! More details to come.

Hugo House and Glimmer Train have deadlines coming up. Google them for all the details. Get your work out there. There are several of us trying for the Hugo House one, so let us know if you’re going to enter the “end of the line” theme, and we’ll all save some postage and do a “carpool” packet run.

Don’t know what to write for any of the above? Well here’s a start of a story I came across when trying to determine which stories I’d be sending out this month. It didn’t have a title, and I had only a vague memory of writing it — but I was obviously interrupted. Feel free to use this to jump off for your own story. Bonus points if you include any of the words from the writing contest/word jazz theme. If you are aiming to have it part of the journal or Word Jazz, be sure to keep it to 1500 words:

“He just sat there looking at her, poking the toast point in and out of the fried egg, making a slooshing and sucking noise with the egg yolk. He laughed inside his head. She looked terrified.”

And now your moment of Writing Zen:

“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.” ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

What did you Write today?

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That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.” ~ Lord Byron