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Weekly Writing Prompt — March 27, 2013

Well, congratulations — especially to those that came to the workshop yesterday. We finished The Artist’s Way.

Now what, you ask?
Reread it on your own and do the exercises and tasks again. Continue to look out for synchronicity; do your morning pages; take your artist’s date. Keep doing the work.
Now we will transition into more MFA-style work. We worked on some of that yesterday in the workshop, too, concentrating on working against Writer’s Block (more accurately described as resistance). I’ll be pulling from many resources for this, and I’ll share them with you as appropriate.
But let’s start at the basics of  a writing life. Below are some questions you need to ask yourself. Write down the questions in your notebook/journal and actually answer them. Give details.
Reading, Writing, Workshop, Community.
First:  Reading.  Do you read regularly? If so, how many books per year, on average? What are your top three preferred subjects or genres? List the last five books/magazines you’ve read. What are you reading now?
Second:  Writing.  How long have you been writing regularly? Do you have a project you’re focusing on? Are you experimenting with various things? How often do you write? Is your writing schedule regular or sporadic? (That being a writer versus being an author dealio we talked about int he beginning of the month).
Third:  Workshop.  Do you belong to a writing group or have writer colleagues who read your work? (and not just via Email — are you doing in-person stuff?) Do you participate in workshops at conferences or other live or online events?  Do you take time to evaluate the feedback and implement what resonates with you into your work?
Last, but not least:  Community.  Do you have writer friends? Do you engage with other writers either face-to-face or online? Are you a member of any writing associations?
Any places where you’ve answered No is likely the area in your writing life that you need to give more attention to. Now make a plan on how to do that.
Alright Authors:  Don’t forget the Writer’s Cafes this week.
And now your moment of Writing Zen: “Love is easy, and I love writing. You can’t resist love. You get an idea, someone says something, and you’re in love.” ~Ray Bradbury

What did you Write today?

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“But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew upon a thought, produces
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