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Weekly Writing Prompt — June 11, 2014 Edition


Again, my sincere apologies for the last-minute cancellation yesterday. All I can say is that life happens and it doesn’t happen according to schedule. That’s the stuff stories are made of, yes? All is handled, and life will go on.
Now for writing-focused news:
Our next workshop June 23 and we’ll do an editing check list along with doing feedback and critique. Please bring some work to share.
On July 8 we have special author guest speaker. Regional Author Sharol Louise will come and speak to the group. If you attend any workshop this summer, please attend this one.
July 22 will be our last workshop of the summer. I’ve learned a few more things since the last time we focused on this in a workshop regarding online personas and building platforms. As is our core, we’ll be doing some feedback and critique time. Please bring some work to share.
August we’re on summer sabbatical. Enjoy the weather, good times with family and friends and get ready for some changes in the group come fall.
Beginning in September our workshops will moved to once a month and on the third Saturday of the month. Therefore, Sept. 20th will be our first of the new schedule. We’ll meet at the North Bend Library Meeting room, still. Time is from 10:30 a.m. to Noon. Hope this schedule allows everyone to participate more often and regularly. Be ready with work to share for feedback and critique, as always.
Your prompt is to put all these dates down on your calendar and make writing a priority in your life. We give you permission.
Now your moment of Writing Zen:
“Our animal companions love us unconditionally. They are our great teachers.” ~ Julia Cameron

What did you Write today?

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