Weekly Writing Prompt — October 21, 2015 Edition


There’s a bit of a literary walk today, which happened purely by happenstance, but we should just take advantage of it. Your prompt is to do all you can to support it.
Beginning at 6 p.m. at Pioneer Coffee in North Bend, our long-time fellow author and Sno Valley Writes! Board Member, Sheri J. Kennedy, is releasing her second book, LIKENESS! There will be books, cake, and more!
Please be there.
After that, plan to head to Boxley’s to support our other member, Gary Schwartz for his middle-grade book launch.
More details here:  http://snoqualmievalley.macaronikid.com/calendar/event/north-bend-middle-grade-book-launch-party/2015-10-21/c4429104/
And now your moment of Writing Zen:
“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.” ~Pete Carroll

What did you Write today?

Casondra Brewster
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“But words are things, and a small drop of ink,
Falling, like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions, think.” ~ Lord Byron